Monday, August 30, 2010


Just what does it mean to be caught unexpected? Sometimes it like someone comes from behind and startles you. It could be a raise in your income at work. It could take many forms.
It is the unexpected moments in life that can either make us take a step back, make us run away or go into a paralysis. These are how I normally embrace the unexpected.
My question is, how would G-d want me to respond to these moments and increments of intercepted gifts from His own hand.
Mary the mother of Jesus, questioned how this she could bear a son when she had no husband. This above all would be the most unpredictable event in the life of such a young girl. What did she say, and what did she do with this newsflash? In the gospel of Luke chp. 1:47 it says this;"My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in G-d my savior....". Her response goes on for 8 more verses, but the point is that she handled the unexpected news with rejoicing, praising and a liturgy that is still preached, recited and studied 2000 years later.
A very difficult application for this 41 year old man who not to long ago found out that his wife will be having their fifth child. Very unexpected, but very blessed indeed.
Lord may you take this man who is still under construction and give him strength so as to give help to his wife Lord I pray today that your name may be uplifted in all of my lifes twists and turns that never take you unexpectedly.
Bruch Hashem.


  1. Another one? YAY! Congratulations, Noel!!! May the Lord bless you as you seek to raise your family for Him!