Saturday, August 7, 2010

Phosforic Imagery Pt.2

"Bless the Lord O my soul! O Lord my G-d, you are very great! You are clothed with splendor and majesty, covering yourself with light as with a garment." Psalm 104:1-2

To dwell on the Holy One, the G-d of all that is, can do many things to a person. It can at times be comforting, other times frightening. Sometimes to dwell on the ideas, metaphors and hyperbole's and phrases borrowed only from what the physical eye takes in, becomes frustrating, mind boggling and aggravating.
This aggravation enters into the thinking of a person trying desperately to grasp hold of an invisible entity. It doesn't help realizing this entity has no form, physicality, flesh or blood. Deep within the soul of those who crave the Holy and even for those that do not, there is a gaping hole that wants so much to be filled in.
How do we relate to such a transcendent being? Can we find even a little satisfaction in a veiled understanding through mere words describing the indescribable? I guess if we don't try we will never understand.
There is a picture given from the verse read from Ps.104 that gives us quite the illustration of G-d that may help with our comprehension and G-d and the "light" imagery which was spoken of in Pt.1. The picture given is G-ds attire such as being clothed with majesty and splendor. There is such a poetic conveyance of words that must be understood as just that; a conveyance.
Obviously G-d is not sporting a suit jacket made of majesty or a pair of trousers made from the finest spun splendor with an overcoat of light. So what does it mean?
Taken from the Hebrew language, the words that express majesty and splendor is hod and hadar. Hod means majesty, authority and splendor carries overtones of superior authority and position. Hadar can mean nobility, glory, and often related to the appearance of an object of beauty and that which instills awe from the observer.
When we read the whole of Ps. 104 we understand better what and how all of this relates to The Blessed One. This particular Psalm relates creation of earth in its glorious beginning and even now in its sustanation. It is a psalm of The Lord in action. The psalmist continually uses words like "stretching";" laying out"; "making";"rebuking"; "causes grass to grow" and "he makes". It is a fantastic picture of G-d as the maker, sustainer and creator. His very own works dress up the G-d of the universe in His "manifold works"(v.24).
The apostle Paul in the N.T. Expresses this idea of the invisible G-d, clothed in his works and can be beheld by all peoples of the earth. Romans chapter 1:20 says this:"For His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, even since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.".
Do you ever wonder why it is that when we are faced with the colors of a brilliant sunset, majestic mountains, a vast ocean, the height of the trees of the Redwood Forest, or a rose, and we are filled with wonder?
In think in these moments of intimate enlightenment we are seeing the clothing of G-d. Everyday we are given the opportunity look upon G-ds best duds. We are given the chance to see beauty and creativity even amongst the chaos that surrounds us, or the chaos that we ourselves produce. It is by G-ds grace that we can still witness this glory through the ashes of sin.
This leads us to the L-rd donning light as a garment. I think we can borrow again from the imagery from Gen.1:3 which represents the ethereal light(non physical) which is the righteousness of G-d. This righteousness or light represents or displays what G-d is all about and it wraps around Him like a garment. The light in which he wraps himself in, is the emanating nature of His own self sustaining being, and this is His essence which is only that of doing righteousness. The putting on of light is the metaphor for that which is the brightest light of all, and out shines that of even out sun.
The garment of light is the essence of G-ds totality seen in His creative acts which go forth as rays of sun which cultivate, sustain and display the clothing of G-d. For G-d truly wraps himself with the works of His hands.
May you L-rd wrap us in your self, into the garment of your presence.

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