Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Find yourself a Teacher

This is a famous saying from the Talmud;"Find yourself a teacher." I believe this to be a very wise saying, because although an individual may learn vast amounts of knowledge and experience, it just might be the missing link to ones life if he/she chooses to become a student again.
I wonder,if one is teaching and instructing a disciple, does the teacher abandon the role of student?
I think probably not. It is with in the sharing of the treasury of knowledge accumulated, whether intellectual or experiential that benefits the learner, but enriches the teacher as well so that he(the teacher) can see just how much he doesn't know. It is kind of like an old phrase I heard a while back; You never know how much you don't know until a child starts to ask questions.
It is the humble calling of each of us to be unprepossessing learners and even more meek and unassuming teachers.
Good night and Bruch HaShem!

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