Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Deep River

Just thought I would jot some thoughts that rumble through my mind as I sometimes get lost in the whirlpool of so many relentless brooding and ponderings of my existence.
This is a poem of my own lostness that haunts me even in my being found.

The Deepest River
Blackness surrounds me,
but your love is abounding,
Immersed in the darkness
over swept in its current.
Jesus I know you're
there, help me endure it.
So lost in my thoughts and
have cast my own nightmare.
I'm desperate and anxious,
and a place to turn I have
found no where.
I reach for your hand and I
cannot find it.
My G-d, My G-d, I'm fading and feel
I've had it.
Then the still small voice
comes and says;"Be still and cease
all your warring. For I am G-d the
wonderful and glorious. You are not alone
I'm walking beside you, still and
know, that I am G-d.".
I'm seeking you, but it feels
I've lost you.
Thought for sure you had abandoned.
Feels as though I can barely breath
or stand.
I fall back on the fact that my soul
you have fashioned.
Your ways oh G-d take me through waters deep.
Believe I am drowning, but my hands
you hold and my soul you keep.
I find this amidst the doubt and torrents,
that your promises beg me to sing even
though my spirit feels abhorrence.
In the deepest part of this river,
I find no refreshing within my soul.
Treading in ideas and speculations
so many times loosing sight of my goal.
My insides cry out from my very existence
and begs and questions who am I?
I finally relinquish with the
felt presence of deaths dark night.
I give it up to G-d, and He pulls
me up out of the rivers rush
with His love and might.
Once more the whisper blows against
my dampened brain;
"Be still and know....."

I will keep on trusting and walking faithfully to my G-d and Savior.

Have a good night and G-d bless.


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  1. Very nice, Noel!

    I could certainly relate!

    I miss you!