Saturday, January 8, 2011

Always an adventure

My eyes opened at 4:37 this morning, this is the usual wake up time for my biological makeup. I am pursued by two cats that act like they have not been fed for a week, a dog that if he could, would cross his legs and do the potty dance. I am in demand.
My coffee is brewing, I am walking my dog in the 20 degree frigidness and my praise begins.
This is the start once again of Noels big adventure. Thank G-d! As I am walking I am talking and praising His Holy name. I do not start off with request or petitions, but just praise and thanksgiving. What a beautiful beginning to a day that is full of surprises.
You would think however, that how in the world could you get ready for "surprises"; it already sounds repetitive and mundane, the same routine. Where is the adventure, the mystery? How could this be exciting?
Let me just start off with what I know; I know that there is a god, The G-d! I also know that this G-d has breathed everything into existence and anything that is is only because of G-d. I know that this G-d is still ever present in this world and is active. I know that there is a verifiable Savior, Jesus Messiah, who once walked this earth, was crucified and buried and rose again. I know that this Jesus took this man who has been alive now for almost 42 years and made me alive through a wonderful faith in his work.
You see, just that in itself is an adventure. To know that G-d is active in this world and to be able to wake for one more day, which could be my last, and praise Him for all His work is FANTASTIC!!
With what I know of this revelation, I enter my routine with expectations of my work schedule and regular life, but I know that there are encounters along the way. I do not know what encounters, I don't know with whom the encounters will be with. My thinking in all this is not searching for G-ds purpose for my life, but rather that I am G-ds child and I will do whatever is before me with purpose.
This is the adventure! To have my eyes opened, a heart directed towards Jesus, and hands and feet to be used for the reasons of heavens mandate. My adventure begins each day with the still loud command of Jesus to his disciples, of which I am also, to "come, follow me". How awesome is this?!! As a matter of fact, I am going to clean all eight of the bathrooms at my church this morning. Who knows what could happen along the way, or who I'll meet or be able to talk to. I will come home and be entertained by four completely different individual children who call me dad. I will also be able to hug the woman who is carrying our fifth child; AWESOME!
I used to think that my life should be full of craziness, stunts and whatever might be full of energy and creating an adrenaline rush, but the truth is, that there is no greater rush than to serve and be used in revealed ways of the masters footsteps in whom I follow.
If we just seek to do whatever it is that G-d has said to do,and by the way this is not hard, G-d already tells us what to do;" justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your G-d.", we just have to step forward and be willing and G-d will open the door to the adventure of a life time.
May we all journey together in the grace and mercy of an adventurous G-d. Amen!

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  1. Thank you Noel. I really needed to hear that today. Some days (today being one of them) I get so discouraged and sad and frustrated wondering what my life is all about.....what is God's will for my life? After reading your blog I realized that possibly....quite possibly....I am wanting God to do my will instead of me doing His and then wonder why I'm not seeing anything from God to get to that end. You said it so beautifully, "this is not searching for G-ds purpose for my life, but rather that I am G-ds child and I will do whatever is before me with purpose". No need to look so hard if it's right in front of me! Now to stay in that realization. I thank God for you Noel!