Friday, November 26, 2010


I am starting this blog with a couple of questions to myself today. "How serious do I really take this G-d thing? What in the world am I doing with this "call" of mine from G-d? Do I truly believe G-d and this call to the world to come and follow Jesus The Messiah?"
Very recently, I started looking around my own little world, which includes everywhere from my own home to work and places that I stop. I have been opened to the distinct possibility that I have become comfortable in this little world of mine.
I have have been striving after the command of Jesus; "come follow me.". I have been reading and studying The Scriptures and gaining much insight for my walk with G-d. I am pushing myself in spheres of husbandry and fatherhood and trying to imitate the Savior. I concentrate hard on my conduct in the workplace and trying to exemplify a man who has been bought and redeemed by a gracious Master.
I have however missed something so crucial to this life that G-d had to show me the connecting thought of the message of completeness. Like I said, I am starting and moving closer to follow and be with Jesus, but this is only half of the life.
There is a second part, which is not really separate, but of the same whole. This was made vividly apparent about a week ago in my car going from one job to the other.
Coming down a main street in my downtown area, I was noticing some run down buildings and also some very run down people. There were on this street many large churches, about six that I can remember. I started to wonder why, if there are so many buildings with the message of hope,could there be so many faces displaying a lack of hope?
There were so many different people on the side walks, and coming out of there homes, and general business, it was almost as if I heard a cry saying, "these are My people, here is my church."
My immediate response to this idea proposed by either my own head, or from the one who created my head was to debate. "What does that have to do with me? I don't go out talking with strangers on the wide open areas of exposure! I go out to coffee shops to read and study, and people seem to come to me. NOEL DOES NOT GO OUT TO THE STREETS!" This I firmly believed was someone elses job.
As I was bantering back and forth with this invading voice in my head, which was now dripping into my heart, I looked once again while sitting at the stop light and saw more and more faces of despair.
I drove away from that spot towards where my next job was, but I could not escape the reality of this lesson. What was this lesson I am still learning? Well, this is the second half of the whole. Jesus very clearly calls people and instructs them to come, repent, follow and obey. What was this obedience I was/am missing? Very simply, it was this; "Go!". Before the ascension of Jesus back to the Father, he left the disciples with these very demanding commands;"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."(Matt.28:19-20).
As I am living this life devoted to my G-d, I am supposed to share and not spare this gospel. I am called to leave my comfort zone and reached my lost world in which I am in contact with. I really would rather not do such things as go around neighborhoods and street corners, but the voice of G-d is so loud. The voice cries out in the faces of the drug addicts, the losers in life, the social workers and prostitutes and beckon me to come, which in turn causes me to Go. After all, the blessed Son of G-d went, when he was sent. His love is so great as to enter such a violent world and enter into its pain and misery so as to shed His light and love to the lost and dying.
So kicking and screaming, uncomfortable in this new role, I will go. Only because the Master calls; and yes, He's serious. So must I be. G-d help me and may His voice ring loudly in your heart as well, so as to come, follow and go.

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